Why I Always Work Out With a Partner

Lifting for me can be quite meditative or it can be a fun and invigorating experience; depending on the day. Throw in my best friend and I kill two birds with one stone – a workout and being social, especially when dealing with depression and my reclusiveness. Here are a few more reasons why I love working out with a buddy:

I’m More Motivatied

It’s one thing to cancel plans on myself but a whole other thing to cancel a planned workout with my training partner – someone that’s counting on me. The guilt always gets me and I’ve never missed a planned workout with my gym buddy ever. Ever! Whenever I’m lacking the willpower to get my ass to the gym, I just think of my partner already waiting for me. You never want to be that person.

I Train Harder

My competitive nature comes out whenever I workout with a partner; it’s just natural as I don’t want to give up first! One key point here is to make sure both you and your gym buddy are in the same ballpark when it comes to athletic ability. If you’re too unevenly matched, neither person may get an effective workout. Get someone similar to your level and push each other.

I Have More Fun

There are plenty of ways to get in your exercise but when you have a partner, your options expand even more. Squash, pick up basketball, how about tennis? You can also get creative with your gym bud by teaching each other new exercises or trying out a new routine together. I’ve been known to get a resistance band, dumbbells and some pylons and setting up a really simple, but effective circuit in the park. I can, of course do this alone but I promise you it’s 1000x better (and less awkward!) with a friend.

Working out with my training partner has been a huge part of my journey in getting over my depression and anxiety. Those days I don’t want to get out of bed have been significantly reduced through exercise and through the support of my friends and family. How do you keep your motivation going? Do you prefer training alone or with a partner? Let me know!

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