How I Try to Overcome Failure

Everyone makes mistakes but how we deal with them is what sets us apart from each other. I can choose to wallow in my misery or get up and do something about it. Here are just a few ways I deal with failure and the bad feelings that come with them:

Rise Up and Don’t Regret

Sometimes when I fail, I have the habit of thinking I wasted my time when in reality, it’s better to make mistakes than do nothing at all. People that tend to criticize when you fail are generally the ones that don’t do anything themselves, so why care about their opinion? I just brush it off and I’m satisfied because at least I tried. The real mistake is not trying at all.

Understand Failure Brings Wisdom

Seeing failure in a different light has been challenging but highly useful. Instead of seeing it as something negative, I see it as a learning opportunity and I use my newfound wisdom to help me succeed. Having this mindset has helped me take out the negativity out of failure and see each one as a learning opportunity.

Keep My Confidence

Keeping confidence in myself despite my failures has been a challenge but I promise, it’s doable. Once I put in the effort to learn as much as possible from the failure, I tell myself I still have the ability to fulfill my goals even though it didn’t work out this time. I am still capable and by changing my attitude I see things in a different way.

Maintain My Enthusiasm

Not only do I keep trying, I keep trying with the same effort and enthusiasm as the first time otherwise, each subsequent effort will have less power. Keeping my mind on the destination and telling myself I am one step closer to success has helped me keep my enthusiasm high when I have suffered previous setbacks. One other way I keep my enthusiasm high is by staying focused on the end goal, and thinking about what I am trying to achieve.

Keep Dreaming Big

To overcome large obstacles, I sometimes need to remind myself of the greater why. This ties into my point about maintaining my enthusiasm and the most effective tool has been to keep my dreams at the forefront of my mind. This help me get through those tough days when I feel like a failure and everything seems to go wrong. The big picture keeps me motivated to push past my failures.

Learn as Much as Possible From the Failure

As I mentioned, failure brings wisdom and what you do with that wisdom is what’s key. I don’t mind making mistakes at the end of the day because there is always something that can be learned and applied to future situations. The biggest mistake here would be to make a mistake, and then keep repeating it over and over because I’m not learning from it.

These are just a few ways I try to overcome my failures and for the most part, they’re working.How do you overcome your feelings of failure and the negative feelings associated? Please let me know in the comments!

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