Getting Over Perfectionism

Trying to be perfect all the time is not only draining, but feeds my internal voice that says, “I’m not good enough.” Perfectionism can hold you back from finishing what you start; if it even allows you to start. For me, I have black and white thinking so “it” has to be done properly or not at all. I either failed or succeeded and I’ve recognized that this line of thinking will start holding me back in life. I decided to make a change and shift away from that “all or nothing” thinking and getting over my perfectionism. Here’s what I’m doing:

Go For Good Enough

When I aim for absolute perfection, projects tend to never get done because perfection is impossible. There will always be something to add or change and it’s resulted in a lot of half completed projects. I’ve learned that there is a place called “good enough” and it is perfectly acceptable. It’s not about slacking off and calling it a day either; it’s about knowing when to stop and that polishing something too much is possible.

Compare Myself – To Myself

When I compare myself to other people, I just end up feeling worse and inferior. Remembering that everyone is different and that many people will be ahead of me in different areas helps me maintain perspective. I try to keep in mind: where I started from and to see my improvements; see what I’ve overcome and to appreciate myself. I’m my own biggest critic and having a reasonable measuring stick is key.

Accept that I am Only Human

Things don’t always go as planned and everyone and everything is flawed. It’s part of life and I have to learnt to adapt. Things can always be improved but never perfected and that’s OK. Accepting that we all have flaws and things can go wrong has helped me feel more free and capable of doing more than I was.

Do the Right Thing

I’ll always have the media and society telling me how to be perfect but being constantly bombarded by perfect images and bodies can be hard. One way I’ve been able to lessen the external influence is by just doing the right thing as much as possible. I get to take more charge of my life while letting others have less control over it. My self esteem also goes up and other peoples’ opinions matter even less. I’ll be stronger and less swayed by someone else’s opinion.

These are just a few ways I’m working on my perfectionism, what works for you? Please leave a comment!

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