My 5 Steps to Inner Peace

Inner peace: it can only come from within, yet, it’s our inner thoughts that rob us of it. It’s the most valuable thing to cultivate yet one of the hardest (if we let it be.) The great thing is we don’t have to retreat to a monastery or church; we can experience inner peace right now, exactly where we are. What we have to believe is that it is important enough; to prioritize it. Once it’s important to you, you work hard to make it a reality. Here are a few suggestions to help bring you your inner peace:

Spend Time Wisely

When we’re constantly watching the news or reading the paper, we’re bombarded by the negativity we see in the world. Although we can try to detach ourselves from the events going on in the world, it’s a lot easier when we don’t spend hours watching the news and seeing all that is wrong. When we have an extra 15 minutes, we should try to avoid surfing the internet or switching on the news channel and instead, we should take that opportunity to do something positive like meditate to still our minds.

Control Our Thoughts

Thoughts are what determine our state of mind and if we’re constantly thinking of negative and destructive thoughts, inner peace will remain a far cry. Try to avoid spiralling into a negative train of thought by catching yourself in these moments. It takes practise but we have to remember that we are in control of the thoughts we pursue and the ones we reject. We are not helpless victims to our own thoughts.


Daily life demands a lot of our time and we can feel like there’s never enough of it to finish everything on our plates. Trying to minimize some of the demands on our time, especially the ones we know we can do without (like TV) will help us simplify our life and get rid of unnecessary time sucks from our schedule. Do the most important tasks, one at a time and enjoy them. To enjoy inner peace, it’s essential to avoid cluttering our schedules with unnecessary activities and worries.

Be Immune to Both Flattery and Criticism

If we’re constantly seeking out reassurances and praise from other people, we can never have inner peace. Both criticism and flattery are two sides of the same coin – both are judgements from other people but we shouldn’t let ourselves be affected by either. Feed your own ego and learn to have confidence in your choices and in yourself. Value yourself and respect your own opinions enough so you don’t need external validation.

Don’t Criticize Others

What we give is what we get back. Although we should not base our esteem on the words of others, you will notice if you offer a peaceful, loving attitude to others, it will come back. When we criticize others, we’re simply judging the worst aspects of ourselves and projecting onto others.

These are just a few of the things I’m working on to develop inner peace and I hope they can help you too. How do you try to live a more peaceful life? Leave me a comment!

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