4 Little Habits That Lead to Big Success

Success is about what you can control. While we can’t control the weather, traffic or the global economy, we do have complete control over our daily habits, routines and rituals that define who we are as people. Here are 4 simple habits I’ve formed that have helped me set myself on the path to success and I know they can help you too:

Write Down Your Goals

They say a goal that isn’t written down is just a wish. When I write down my goals, I cement my commitment to it. Written long-term goals helps me be proactive, plan my day better and think ahead to what I want to accomplish rather than reacting to everything that happens to me and in turn, becoming distracted from my long-term goals.

Spend Time Alone

Spending time alone in solitude whether meditating or simply being alone with your thoughts allows me to reboot and and unwind. I’ve been able to work through complex problems that had been bugging me for a very long time after spending time alone reflecting on them. They also say students that study alone rather than in groups perform better also, so give it a try!

Make Time to Read

Sometimes I read before bed, on the train to work or during my lunch break. You’ll seldom find me without a book in my bag because the immense mental, emotional and health benefits outweigh the cons. Just reading for 30 minutes a week has improved my mood and increases my satisfaction in life. As a lifelong insomniac and someone who deals with depression, I’ve found that its not only helped me sleep earlier (vs. watching television before bed) it’s also subtly helped with my self esteem.

Make the Bed

It turns out my mom was right when she told me to make my bed everyday. It’s a statement to yourself that you respect you space and it puts me in a productive mood to start my day off right. So before you leave for work, make your bed. When you’re coming home tired from a long day of work, you’ll thank yourself for it.

These are just a few little habits I do everyday that leads to big success. If you have any other ideas please let me know in the comments. As a side note – I’ve decided to take on a few clients to coach with your health and wellness related goals so if you’re interested in that, please visit me hereI have a free promo code GIFT16QR2 for the first 10 clients.

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