Category: Bipolar

6 Things That Are Making Me Miserable

I’ve realized that I need to purge some of my bad habits and learn from my mistakes instead of repeating them over and over again. I’ve decided to conquer the habits that are making me miserable and here are just a few things that I’m learning to overcome: Sticking Only With What I Know I’ve

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My 5 Steps to Inner Peace

Inner peace:┬áit can only come from within, yet, it’s our inner thoughts that rob us of it. It’s the most valuable thing to cultivate yet one of the hardest (if we let it be.) The great thing is we don’t have to retreat to a monastery or church; we can experience inner peace right now,

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One Easy Way to Stop Negative Thinking

There’s nothing wrong with a little negative thinking; it can turn your anxiety into action and allows you to prepare more and try harder. However, being too critical with yourself can hurt your motivation and drive over time. If your inner voice is constantly calling you lazy and not good enough, you’re going to tend

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